Xavier Salinas Republican Candidacy for District 15

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As the political race edges forward, Xavier Salinas, the Republican candidate for Congress of District 15, visited Seguin, Texas on Thursday, August 20. While in Seguin, he visited the El Ranchito Restaurant, a favorite restaurant haunt among the locals, where he proceeded to speak with the local citizens about issues concerning current congressional matters of District 15. Salinas also addressed a variety of hot topics, ranging from economic development to education. As a native from Edinburg, Texas education is a topic that he discusses with effort and enthusiasm, since he himself has worked as an administrator for the Weslaco school district for several years. He understands the problems that come from the education system that involve so many children, and that are need of a proper education that should not be put to the side. Salinas also comes with an aggressive strategy but is in need of support from the community. Working alongside the public will allow Xavier Salinas to better improve the lives of those living within District 15.


Since he is a South Texas native, he understands the difficulties many people go through on a daily basis. His knowledge and empathy of the struggles that many go through on a daily basis allows his position of candidacy to be firm. Still needing the strong support from the public, he hopes that he will gain the trust of those within the district and will not falter or fail in his mission to better improve their lives and their surroundings.

Xavier Salinas is a qualified candidate and a hard working individual that won’t stop working for the people. It is time to unite and work together. With God by his side, he will be able to overcome all obstacles to bring back the Republicans into the congressional office for District 15

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